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BeautiFill Aesthetics Clinic Estetic Lux-Medicus beauty clinic Helsinki ProDerma Clinic Oy Clinic Mairi City Clinic Medical Clinic Lux Oy Diamond Clinic Helsinki Estetia Oy Denova Kauneushoitola Helsinki Skin And Allergy Hospital Plastic Surgery Center Helsinki Oy Siluetti Hospital and Spa

1. BeautiFill Aesthetics - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 6 reviews

Merikasarminkatu 10, 00160 Helsinki, Finland

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BeautiFill Aesthetics: what do users think?
Mariia Ruusunlahti: Annelin käsissä oli turvallinen olo, hän on hyvin rauhallinen ja kertoi mitä tapahtuu sekä kyseli tuntemuksia. Olo oli nopeankin hoidon jälkeen rentoutunut ja hyvä. Ja iho ihanan tuntuinen!!
Maria Hassinen: Todella ystävällistä ja ammattimaista palvelua, tietää että on hyvissä käsissä.

2. Clinic Estetic - Eteläinen suurpiiri



· 75 reviews

Aleksanterinkatu 15 B 2 kerros, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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3. Lux-Medicus beauty clinic Helsinki - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 18 reviews

Fredrikinkatu 64, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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4. ProDerma Clinic Oy - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 0 reviews

Fredrikinkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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5. Clinic Mairi - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 9 reviews

Fredrikinkatu 25, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

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6. City Clinic - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 64 reviews

Aleksanterinkatu 21, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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7. Esthetic Clinic Sari Säily - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 12 reviews

Mannerheimintie 88, 00260 Helsinki, Finland

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Esthetic Clinic Sari Säily: what do users think?
roosaliida90: Flexible opening hours, good and professional service
Elina Haapaluoma: The reserved time was first moved once, and the next time I waited for half an hour behind locked doors. Didn't show up, didn't answer calls or text messages. Unprofessional behavior.
Tuija Hämäläinen: I made an appointment and when I went to the place... you hung up, no answer, then a message comes saying that there was a hype scene at hartmann, I made the next appointment and he promised a 40e discount. I was quite satisfied. The day before when it was time,I sent a message that you remember to come? Called after some time, sounded confused. There was no pig when there were some confusions? I said you weren't at hartmann, but mother Lohja was having a brain bleed??? I said that apparently you can afford to lose. Your client: he said he doesn't take care of selfish people like me! He can afford it. Although to retire. … I highly recommended this option to him! I really don't recommend it unless you have enough time to wait!
Arja Hynyn: Excellent service and results
Katja Narinen: The treatment itself is ok, but since then all the appointments (arranged product purchase visits) have gone wrong. Door locked, no answer to calls. Too bad.
Ann: Critical:Professionalism3 times rescheduled, I came from another town, rang the doorbell and no one comes and when I call, they don't answer, later they message that they are sick and can't make it, I asked for a refund on gas and I got it. I do not recommend.
Eija Lainevirta: An appointment within a month was canceled twice during the same day. The second time 25 minutes before the treatment time, when I was already on my way. The second time two hours before. He has not confirmed the times he suggested or even answered the messages, and when I have called back, the answering machine is the only contact. And the grande finale: he wasn't even there even though he had given the time by text and confirmed by phone (after my call)! WATCH OUT!!!
Sini Li: My friend was going to treatment, and there was no one there. This happened 2 times. Really bad advertisement for the company.
Ines: An appointment was made for me by phone and Sari seemed like a warm person and I was excited about the future treatment. The day of the treatment arrived and I traveled from another location to the place at the agreed time. The hospital door was locked and no one was there, I called Sari many times and she didn't answer. I waited an hour in the car in case something had happened. In the end, I went back home with a broken throat after I had invested money and time in this, as a young student. There hasn't been any call or message from the way back why he didn't show up or would have reported. Very unprofessional behavior and a big disappointment for myself that someone acts like this as a private entrepreneur. Based on this, I would not recommend Sari because there is no guarantee that he will arrive at the agreed time.
Julia: Kahdesti viimeisen puolen vuoden sisään kosmetologiaika peruttu samana päivänä, kahdesti olen mennyt sovittuun aikaan paikalle, niin kosmetologi on jättänyt tulematta paikalle ilmoittamatta.

8. Medical Clinic Lux Oy - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 66 reviews

Messeniuksenkatu 7, 00250 Helsinki, Finland

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9. Arbnora Aesthetic Clinic - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 1 reviews

Pohjoisranta 8, 00170 Helsinki, Finland

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10. Lääkäriklinikka - Eteläinen suurpiiri

Aleksanterinkatu 15 B 7 KRS, 00100 Helsinki, Finland


11. No 1 Health & Beauty Clinic - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 10 reviews

Kalevankatu 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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12. Diamond Clinic Helsinki - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 5 reviews

Heino Kasken katu 4D, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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13. 4 Soulmates Beauty Clinic - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 12 reviews

Salomonkatu 19, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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14. Estetia Oy - Vilhonvuori

Hämeentie 15 B 65, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

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15. Helsinki Clinic - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 3 reviews

Merisotilaantori, 00160 Helsinki, Finland

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16. Denova Kauneushoitola Helsinki - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 33 reviews

Itämerenkatu 8, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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17. Skin And Allergy Hospital - Läntinen suurpiiri

· 5 reviews

Meilahdentie 2, 00250 Helsinki, Finland


18. Plastic Surgery Center Helsinki Oy - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 20 reviews

Aleksanterinkatu 15 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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19. Siluetti Hospital and Spa - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 8 reviews

Pohjoisesplanadi 35 6. kerros, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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