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Kart in Club HELSINKI Formula Center Helsinki VM Karting Center

1. Kart in Club HELSINKI - Kumpula

· 727 reviews

Koskelantie 39, 00610 Helsinki, Finland

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Kart in Club HELSINKI: what do users think?
Teemu Välilä: The track is great, the drivers are good. However, the system they use is really sticky and everything is difficult at the checkout.
Dinesh Bhattarai: Amazing Place to hangout.Highly recommended. Staffs are highly professional, track is good and for indoor track the track length is good enough as well❤️
Aki Jämsen: Good food and a nice sauna. Track profile excellent cars just ok. Let's wait for electric cars to come.
masterblox122: I wasted 26km and the all said that it was reserved but in the website it didn't say that it was reserved!!! SCAM
zaneisland D: The best indoor track in the pk region
gbemisola seyi: I went go karting yesterday 8.4 with my friends who were visiting Finland.Got into an accident and crashed into the divider against the wall. I had blood in my mouth, blurry vision and also pains all over my body.The weird part is that the person who came to attend to me while I was there feeling so much pain asked me only one questionI told him something is brokenHe asked “in you or the kart” I said in me and I have blood on my mouth and my jaw.He asked that I can move to park the kart, of course I am incoherent by then and parked and was expecting a call of concern or at least someone from the company to ask me if I was okay in that moment.We sat there for an extra 10/15 minutes after and nobody came to even ask if all is fine, not even the guy who saw me crash hard.This is awful behaviour and understandable that we sign disclaimer before coming to kart but we are also customers above all and some genuine human feelings and concern should be shown to people.Never coming back here again
Ihor Belenok: Непоганий картинг. Відвідували вдруге. Видають гоночний комбінезон, шолом та балаклаву. Балаклави перуть після кожного відвідувача. З мінусів - у роздягальні шафи не мають замків. Через те, що трек знаходиться у приміщенні, після заїзду нудить від вихлопних газів. Було б непогано покращити вентиляцію. До самих картів і треку питань нема, все супер.
Hannu similä: The facilities are ok, the service is a bit lazy and arrogant, especially on the road
Jan: Really good guy and quality cars.
Juha S: Everything worked well and the track was good.
Jarmo Handolin: Tough competition
Roua hossam: It was a wonderful experience. The place is clean, the clothes are clean, and there is a cafe and restaurant within the venue.
Jyri Siljamo: Nice indoor track
Jyri-Petri Siljamo: Hieno sisärata ja hyvät palvelut
Masih Qashqai: In WhatsApp, they told me two slots were available for kids between 7-8 p.m.On my way there, I received another message saying that one of the slots had been canceled. Then when we got there, they said they had to cancel the second slot because many adults had shown up for riding. So my son couldn't drive, which was why we even went there.The girl on the counter was cold and not apologetic at all. Giving the impression that it is normal to arrange the slots based on the customer's category visiting their place. And that explains why they don't provide online booking.The 1-star customer service experience aside, I only give two stars for the quality of the place. The lighting is dim, the air is terrible, the combustion engines are noisy and polluting, and the cafeteria is unpleasant. They obviously have not touched the place in the last 20 years.VM Karting Center uses electric karts, which have much better acceleration. The building has better air with lower noise pollution due to electric engines. The track is longer and wider, plus the lighting is excellent. Their service is modern and professional. Just go there!
Lars Sorri: Rata on hyvä ja puitteet hienot. Jos haluaa hyvän ja istuvan kypärän, kannattaa ottaa oma mukaan. Paikan omat kypärä paljon käytetyt. Rata pidoltaan kohtalainen. Rata profiili on fyysinen ja hiki kyllä tulee. Kesää odottelen, että pääsee näiden ulkoradalle Vantaalla.
Petri Roininen: Toimii
harri suoninen: Hyvin toimii, erityisesti kisat ovat hyvin järjestetty 👍
汪世义: 好!
Fat Boy Hit Gym H: Nice place.Spacious parking.Speedy startup process including payment.As I did not drive I cannot give the driving experience.Waiting area is bit dull.Overall experience was ok.
Tommy Malmsten: Kannattaa kokeilla

2. Formula Center Helsinki - Myllypuro



· 329 reviews

Yläkivenrinne 1, 00920 Helsinki, Finland

Address Website WhatsApp

3. Alex Karting - Yliskylä

· 0 reviews

Willebrandinkuja 3, 00840 Helsinki, Finland

Alex Karting: what do users think?
Teemu Välilä: Rata on mahtava, ajovekottimet hyviä. Käyttämänsä järjestelmä on kuitenkin todella tahmea ja kaikki on kassalla vaikeaa.
Aki Jämsen: Hyvät ruuat ja kiva sauna. Rataprofiili mainio autot ihan ok. Odotellaan et tulis sähköautot.
zaneisland D: Paras sisärata pk seudulla
Ihor Belenok: Good karting. Visited for the second time. Racing overalls, helmet and balaclava are issued. Balaclavas are washed after each visitor. From the minuses - there are no locks in the lockers. Due to the fact that the track is indoors, the exhaust fumes are nauseating after driving. It would be nice to improve the ventilation. There are no questions about the maps and the track itself, everything is great.
Hannu similä: Fasiliteetit ok, palvelu vähän laiskaa ja ylimielistä erityisesti ajoradalla
Jan: Tosi hyvä mesta ja laadukkaat autot.
Juha S: Kaikki toimi mukavasti ja rata oli hyvä.
Jarmo Handolin: Kovaa kisaa
Jyri Siljamo: Hieno sisärata

4. VM Karting Center - Kivistön suuralue

· 885 reviews

Myllykyläntie 3, 01760 Vantaa, Finland

Address Website WhatsApp
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5. - Vihti

· 5 reviews

Kehätie 980, 03100 Vihti, Finland

Address Website WhatsApp

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