Best Fp Courses Helsinki Near Me

Hanken School of Economics University of Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts

1. Helsingin yliopisto - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 0 reviews

Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 15, 00260 Helsinki, Finland

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2. Hanken School of Economics - Eteläinen suurpiiri



· 35 reviews

Arkadiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Address Website WhatsApp

3. University of Helsinki - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 162 reviews

Yliopistonkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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University of Helsinki: what do users think?
Niko Nieminen: I like the University of Helsinki very muchgo again
Emark Frude: I would like to give some advice to my Turkish friends who want to study in Finland.There are two ways to enter Finnish universities.The first is the SAT or ACT exams and the TOEFL on top of it. Some schools do not have TOEFL requirements. You can write this to the school's e-mail address.The second one is the UAS exam, which I also chose.If your aim is engineering or a profession based on experience, applied science is just for you.Finland's own citizens can also enter through this exam if they want to apply to applied universities. For example, I will apply to the jyväskylä university of applied sciences. You can search the internet and see the details of the UAS exam, the math topics are nothing besides our yks math, even the complex of most exams is almost nothing next to our yks exam. You can easily take this exam 3 or 4 months before you study for 2-3 hours a day. (I assume you can understand English). The fees of almost all schools vary between 8 - 12 thousand €. In some schools, you will be exempt from 40% tuition fees for the first year and 40% if you continue to keep your grades higher in the following years. Based on my own experience, these are really easy universities to go to if your classes are good too. The important thing is that you really have the money to cover these fees. Finland charges really low fees compared to other countries, even free if you come from a country within the European Union. The rest of the tuition or language learning depends only on your Discipline, desire and belief. After that, your accommodation and belongings, meeting with the consulate, sending money to some bank accounts (you can get more detailed information if you write immig Finland) and the most beautiful place, the plane ticket. I hope you are where you want to be. Thank you for reading.
Eli V: Good
Aiden Pearce: Extremely woke university where free speech is pretty much dead
Iman Baramaki: The best place to study!
Johannes Honkasalo: Overrated.
TR4SPY ABLE: How come Greta Thunberg received a doctorate without studying a thing? Did she paid a decent amount towards University renovations? Nice joke. Here comes the credibility of the University down the drain. Is it an educational institution anymore?
Michael Henry: No credibility for giving non educated, unworthy honourary degrees to Thunberg.
Krzysztof Czapliński: You lost credability for giving greta honori scausa...
Niloy Majumder: The place looks much better to me
Alex Butenko: Nice and very quiet place😁 What would you expect from a library?🤪 But also a good place to make a photo shoot👍
MOHANCHELAKKARA PHOTOGRAPHY: Any mallus here..?...pls review this place
Karol Cichocki: Finnland Universität
Azim AB DU LL AH: ♥️♥️♥️
A V: Great university!
cazulzz: My boi Juhana said the snus gang is amazing and that it is a great school when it comes to clubing. As Juhana said it is the T2 of Finland, his favorite club in Nagoya, Japan. 10/10 would recommend this school for education and the atmosphere.
Timo Karppinen: Loistava paikka, miellyttävä henkilökunta.Suosittelen makee sisäpiha varsinkin kesällä.
Pertti Pyhtilä: The best university in Finland since 1640!
Petteri Kolmonen: Overall, the University of Helsinki is a very good place to study.
J Vuorela: Well, what can be said about this other than praise
Flor LO: Рідний будинок

4. Academy of Fine Arts - Eteläinen suurpiiri

· 6 reviews

Elimäenkatu 25 A, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

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